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About Bottle Gourd :
Bottle gourds are one of the favorite vegetables of Indians and has numerous health benefits.
They are especially good for old aged peoples.
Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd :
The juice of bottle gourd is a valuable medicine for excessive thirst due to severe diarrhea, diabetes and excessive use of fatty or fried foods.
The Gourd fruit juice is used in the treatment of insanity, epilepsy and other nervous diseases.
The juice of the fruit is used in the treatment of stomach acidity, indigestion and ulcers.
Bottle gourd is not only rich in essential minerals, iron, protein and trace elements; it is also rich in fiber. Fiber helps in preventing constipation and other digestive disorders like flatulence and piles.
Bottle gourd is very valuable in urinary disorders. It should be given once daily in the treatment of burning sensation in urinary passage due to high acidity of urine. It serves as an alkaline mixture.
Bottle gourd helps in overcoming jaundice.
Bottle gourd juice is also helpful in losing weight.
Cooked Bottle gourd is anti-bilious. It makes one relax after eating. But one should not eat the vegetable raw as it can harm the stomach and intestines.
Bottle Gourd prevents excessive loss of sodium, quenches thirst and helps in preventing fatigue.
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